Choromogenic print on diasec, 60/45 cm., 5 pieces of, Hamburg, 2011

HafenCity, built on a one hundred fifty five hectare land in Hamburg* has been launched as largest urban transformation project in Europe. This new “city” which expanded the old town by 40 per cent has an architectural design that at first sight seems so impressive. But in a couple of shakes, one can realize that “human” factor is given a miss. For example, only to create an image, recreation areas in all are made of  a firm ground of  pores. While trade centres and posh houses are planned for the big companies, playgrounds, green areas, cafes and restaurants or small shoping places are excluded from the project. The absence of the art and culture buildings like museum and libraries is now in the centre of the debate. As their predetors lost their living conditions and disappeared, increased number of huge spiders are all over the place. The stupendous lamps that designed to scare spiders off are lightening the empty streets all for nothings. When one consider of a city as not only an architectural but a social structure, HafenCity is seemed like a ghost city.

*The actors of the project were in Istanbul in 2008 to promote “HafenCity” and the talk over aboutIstanbul’s coastline projects like Haydarpaşa, Galataport and Zeyport.

The ‘HafenCity’ work was produced during the artist in residence programm in Frise in Hamburg for the Floating Volumes 2 Exhibition Series in 2011.

Floating Volumes 2, 5533, İstanbul, 2011
Curated by Erich Pick, Emine Şahinaz Akalın, Nancy Atakan