Light View of the Thing

portfolio_TR 19


Photography installation, fine art print, different sizes, Istanbul, 2012

Photography installation explores the relationship between an object and its environment while putting emphasis on ‘consumption’ via displaced, de-contextualized objects that are alienated from their intended use hence transformed into waste and deserted space. These photographs, taken during travels in Munich, Hamburg, Istanbul and Anatolia, challenge the concept of ‘need’ and estranging nature of consumption patterns. We recognize objects of everyday use, within their usual context. These objects, when ‘new’ and in use, hardly go beyond the scope of their contextual existence however once they become waste and rubbish, they are disposed as unwanted objects. The ‘object’ that has lost its usage value carries it’s meaning with itself wherever it goes; nonetheless there rises an absurd relationship between object’s meaning and its new extrinsic environment. Once again we feel the transient nature of our ‘consumption’ patterns when we perceive everyday paraphernalia in their complete purposelessness; the object doesn’t refer to its quintessential meaning anymore. Creating close relationships with the objects when in use and pronounce them as our personal belongings form our habits. Their potential idleness, which in fact is present but not felt while in use, is perceived when they are observed in a meaningless and insubstantial existence in a non-contextual surrounding. These make us suspicious and hesitate while uttering their names.

Reality Terror, Depo, İstanbul, 2012
Curated by Rafet Arslan and Alper T. ince

Halle 10, Munich, 2012