22 / Light / A Magnificent Story

ongoing project


video image of 22

Artist is trying to match-up shoes of a great director Metin Erksan who used to leave in her house before he died. Metin Erksan left two big bag that full with shoes which he used for many years. They are all in same size, same design and same colour produced by Tanca shoe fabric. She founds them in the beginning of her artistic carrier after her father death. Video deals with artistic passion, death, repetition, modern life and alternative consumption model of the director.


‘The Light’, installation detail

Another work about director Metin Erksan is ‘The Light’, an installation that departs from her own home in Osmanbey neighborhood in Istanbul. The work consists of a pair of used men’s shoes and a stack of unpaid electricity bills that belong to the previous tenant of the apartment—the renowned filmmaker Metin Erksan. Öğrenci starts collecting all of his electricity bills when she moves into the apartment, doesn’t change the name in the contract, and the public utility cuts her power off due to unpaid bills after three years. The installation takes its name from the most basic element of photography and cinema, and takes electricity as inspiration rather than simple a source of energy. The monthly bills then turn into a calendar that implies a process of waiting. In contrast to the rational and functional modern set-up in Awaiting the onset of the sense of life, ‘The Light’ and ’22’ signals the second part of the exhibition as well as the direction of the artist’s ongoing production.


video image of ‘A Magnificent Story’

Artist watches one of the movies of director Metin Erksan ‘Magnificent Story’ which deals with death, dream and love than she changes some characters of the movie with herself.