Resisted Forest


Installation View, Resisted Forest, 7th Sinop Biennial, 2019

Resisted Forest, site-specific installation, 2019

40 wooden sticks collected from women who set up protest against the thermal station and HEPP projects in Gerze and the East Black Sea region; 3 booklets including interviews with women that joined the resistance; sound recorded from collectively hitting the sticks on the floor; video documentation of the interviews.


Installation View, Resisted Forest, 7th Sinop Biennial, 2019

The installation deals with the collective movement against the thermal station project in the Gerze district of Sinop. Women who protested against the security forces with their wooden sticks, managed to stop the project after two years of resistance. The simple tree branches that are used to walk, to work in the field or herd animals demonstrates a close relationship between women and local nature. Öğrenci conducted research in Gerze and the Eastern Black Sea area, met with local activist women, interviewed them and collected the sticks they use. In the installation, each of the sticks stands for a woman and also a tree.


Detail View, Resisted Forest, 7th Sinop Biennial, 2019


Archival Image, Gerze Thermic Station resistance, 2014,


‘Resisted Forest’ sound workshop, 7th Sinop Biennial, 2019