Pınar Öğrenci (b. 1973, Van, Turkey) is an artist and a writer based in Istanbul and Berlin. Öğrenci uses various media in her artistic practice, including photography, video, performance and installation. Her works address subjects such as migration, war, forced displacement, collective movements, nationalism and urban transformation. Using the video as a tool to record her daily life practices, she benefits from her personal video archive and ready-made footages. Her works have been exhibited widely at museums and art institutions including at Tensta Konsthall Stockholm (2018), Jewish Museum Hohenems (2018), Kunst Haus Wien- Hundertwasser Museum, 2017; Württembergischer Kunstverein (WKV) Stuttgart, 2017; the Istanbul off-site project for Sharjah Biennial13, 2017; Angewandte, Vienna, 2016; MAXXI Museum, Rome, 2015-6; SALT Galata, Istanbul, 2015-6;  De Las Fronteras Biennial, Tamaulipas, 2015; Sinop Biennial, 2014; Çanakkale Biennial, 2014 and Depo, Istanbul, 2014. Her first solo exhibition abroad was realized at Kunst Haus-Hundertwasser Museum in Vienna, “A Gentle Breeze Passed Over Us” in 2017.

She is the founder and organizer of MARSistanbul, an art initiative launched in 2010. Since the late 1990s, Öğrenci has extensively written on contemporary art and architecture in magazines, including Agos, Radikal, ArtUnlimited, m-est, SALT Online, Arkitera, Arredemento Mimarlık, XXI, İstanbul, among others. She has participated in residency programs in HIAP, Helsinki, Finland, 2017; Henie Onstad Kunstcenter, Oslo, Norway, 2016; R.A.T., Mexico City, 2015; Willa Waldberta, Munich, 2010, as well as in festival, workshop and research programs, such as Migration and Symbols, Lecture Series (Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany, 2017), Public Calling Conference at National Theatre Oslo, 2016; Middle East Festival, Henie Onstad Kunstcenter, Oslo, 2016; “Plataforma Editable, Desplazamientos Curatoriales: Santiago, Valparaiso, Antofagasta, Tarabaca” in Chile, 2015; “Public Space and Museums” at the CIMAM conference in Rio de Janerio, 2013.

solo shows

2018 Tensta Museum Project, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm.

2018 Un Peso, Bilsart, İstanbul.

2017 A Gentle Breeze Passed Over Us, Kunst Haus Wien-Hundertwasser Museum, Vienna.

2017 Under the Red Sky, Depo Istanbul.

2015 Awaiting The Onset of The Sense of Life, MARSistanbul, Istanbul.

group shows

 2018 How the weather will be tomorrow?, Between Bridges, Berlin.

2018 Remote Memory, Abud Efendi Konağı, Istanbul.

2018 Say Shibboleth, Jewish Museum of Hohenems, Hohenems.

2018 First Raunt, Selection from Banu-Hakan Carmikli Collection, Greek School, Karakoy, Istanbul.

2017 Bahar, the Istanbul off-site project for Sharjah Biennial13, Istanbul.
2017 Post Peace, Württembergischer Kunstverein (WKV), Stuttgart.
2017 Non Persons, Spaces, Situations, Bruthaus Galeri, Waregem.
2017 Artist At Risk Pavillion Athens, Perpetuum Mobilisation.
2017 Camouflaged Pearls, Bruthaus Gallery, Waregem.
2016 Luminous Perception, Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna.
2016 Inverse Greyscale, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich.
2016  When Home Won’t Let You Stay, University of Applied Arts (Angawandte), Vienna.
2015-6 Apricots From Damascus, SALT Galata, Istanbul.
2015 İstanbul: Passion, Joy, Fury MAXXI Museum, Rome.
2015 1th. Frontiers Bienal, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
2014 4 th. Çanakkale Biennial, Canakkale.
2014 5 th. Sinop Biennial, Sinop.
2014 Technical Ecstasy, KUAD Gallery, Istanbul.
2014 Learned Helplessness, Bergsen&Bergsen Gallery, Istanbul.

2014 Homo Homini Lupus, m1886, Ankara.